Okay, so I watched The Great Lollpop adventure on-line, and came up with a candy-eating game (instead of a drinking game)

What you will need

The list includes substitutes for some of the items in case needed or preferred

  • Some sort of minty candy (peppermints, peppermint patties, BUT NOT GUM!!!)
  • Gingerbread (or some other kind of cookie)
  • Caramel (Butterscotch, if you have braces)
  • Licorice (Twizzlers if you prefer)
  • Lollypops (Everlasting Gobstoppers if you prefer)
  • Gumdrops (Skittles if you have braces)
  • Taffy (Smarties or pixie stix if you have braces)
  • Brownies (or blondies)

Note: Make sure to have a lot of each to make sure you won't run out of any of them (hint: you'll need a lot of licorice)


  • Eat Minty Candy everytime someone says "aughta gotta"
  • Eat Gumdrops everytime Jolly or Mr. Mint goof off or act riddiculous
  • Eat Gingerbread (or other cookie of choice) every time Jib (the Gingerbread boy) says there is not enough time
  • Eat a Lollypop everytime Princess Lolly puts the scepter down
  • Eat Taffy every time Lolly whines
  • Eat Licorice every time Lord Licorice's minions say "yummy" or "yum"
  • Eat Caramel everytime someone gets stuck in something sticky
  • Eat a Brownie (or Blondie) everytime a gumball drops


Have fun, and remember to brush your teeth!

Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure 2005) HD57:48

Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure 2005) HD

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