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This page is a testament to the children who were trapped in the neverending hell of Candy Land, there were no survivors.


Every year, King Karlsson Kandy (KKK for short) initiates the ritual abduction of Children from the surface in order to slurp up all their rich juicy innards in order to spite the above-dwellers. The ritual starts when KKK finds a helpless Human Village after which he releases all the inhabitants of Candy Land upon the village raping and pillaging every innocent regardless of gender or age.

The Canadians would then round up the Children and cage them bringing them back to their unholy dimension so that their Skulls could be sacrificed to the Great Bog. However, during the bloodletting of 1986, two of the Children managed to escape from their cages and managed to sneak into Plumpy's Plum Field. These 2 Children did not last very long as they accidentally alerted him to their presence by rubbing one of his pubic trigger hairs. Nobody knows what happened to these 2 Children but some who live near the fields say that every full moon, they can hear the muffled screams of 2 young children getting pubic hair shoved down their throats. Let this be a warning to all those who call themselves a free nigga, never look back.