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Princess Lolly
Lolly new
Title Princess of Candy Land ( formerly)
Species , Fairy
Gender Female
Location Candy Castle (formerly), Lollipop Woods in her lollypop palace.
Affiliation(s) Candy Land, King Kandy, Queen (Princess) Frostine
Portrayed By Britt McKillip
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Princess Lolly resides in Lollipop Woods and is the princess of Candy Land. Debuting in the 1980s version of Candy Land, it could be that princess lollys mother was or is a fairy due to the fact that she is a fairy but her mother was most likely an ice fairy due to princess frostine, this means that princess frostine got her sorceress side from her father who is a candy sorcerer and got her ice powers from her mother who is an ice fairy, and this means that princess lolly got ger fairy powers from her mom who is a fairy, aand she got her candy powers from her dad who is a candy sorcerer, this means that king candy and his wife had kids that shared both their traits king candy gave his sorceror state to princess forstine and king candys wife gave her fairy state to princess lolly but princes frostine got her mothers ice powers, while princess lolly got her fathers ice powers, lolly"s appearance has changed somewhat over the years. Her Princess title was removed in the 2002 version of the game when Queen Frostine became a princess.

Official BioEdit

Deep in the heart of the Lollipop Woods, you'll find Lolly dancing about to her own music. In a cloud of twinkling light, her wings flutter and she happily waves her magical lollipop scepter. Lolly is curious about everything and is easily distracted - there's so much to see in Candy Land. She follows her nose wherever it wants to go and flies off from adventure to adventure.

–Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]


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