Original design
Species Plum Troll
Gender Male
Location Plum Orchard
Plumpy is a character from the Candy Land board game. He is a gingerbread plum tree caretaker.

Official BioEdit

Plumpy is "The Last of the Plumpa Trolls" and the Caretaker of the Gingerbread Plum Grove. Tasked with gathering the fallen fruit as it was ripe upon hitting the ground, he would often gorge himself on the tasty treats, becoming distressed as he would soon eat all of the day's crop. King Kandy would always give the troublesome troll a stern talking to about consuming all of the delicous sugar-coated plums, but each day Plumpy would have his fill until he sat satiated beneath the gingerbread trees, wheezing and struggling to lift an amorphous handful of plums into his basket.

He is known to be the thiccest of all the Plumpa Trolls and that is why he had survived through the Plumpa Troll genocide committed by Lord Licorice. When Lord Licorice had finished with the rest of the Plumpa Trolls he saw Plumpy and exclaimed "My, my plum pie give me some of that thigh". Hence he was taken as a slave to Lord Licorice's castle. However, he later escaped and barricaded and reinforced the Plum Grove in which he eternaly hides from Lord Licorice. He therefore survives on plums only becoming the sad,sad existince he is today.



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