Mamma Gingertree
Mamma gingertree
Mamma after consuming Plumpa Troll remains
Title Mamma Gingerbread Tree of the House Gingersnap, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Jib, the Fluffypuffer and the Gingerbread Boys, Lady of the Candy Kingdom and Photosynthesiser of the Forest, Lady of Sylvanstarch, Succer of Gloppy, Khaltreesi of the Pristine Plum Grove, the Unbaked, Breaker of Plumpy's Spirit and Gingerbread Tree Mamma
Species Gingerbread Tree
Gender Female
Location Gingerbread tree
Affiliation(s) Gingerbread Kids


Portrayed By Jane Mortifee

Bill Skarsgård

Blood type none

Mamma Gingertree, originally Mamma Gingersnap, is a friendly Gingerbread Tree who resides near the beginning of Candy Land. The Gingerbread Kids are good friends of hers and love to fuel her raging alcoholism.

While Plumpy was hiding from Lord Licorice, Mamma took Plumpy's domain and started consuming the remains of the Plumpa Trolls. "Consume the thicc Plumpa carcasses!" She ordered to the Gingerbread Kids as she laughed maniacally. During the great Nut War of '72, she joined forces with Gramma Nutt as a spy.

Official BioEdit

Mama Gingertree is the first friendly face you see in Candy Land. She fingers her ginger boys and girls to give you a great big welcome to your adventure. Sit with her for a while and she'll fill your ears with wonderful stories of Candy Land. Make sure to keep a look out for the ginger boys and girls around Candy Land: they'll "help you" along the path, and make sure you have the "sweetest" adventure.

–Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]


  • Mama Gingertree appears to be based on the tree Plumpy is seen standing next to in the classic version of the game

Previous DesignsEdit