Jolly Big Dick
look at him
Title Dictator of the Fudge Fairies
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Gender Male
Location Gumdrop Mountains
Affiliation(s) FET y de las JONS
Portrayed By Plumby's second-cousin's roomate's little brother's best friend from second-grade's mother's unborn child

Jolly could be a character representing gumdrops.


Possibly a multicolored, dinosaur-like creature, Jolly is, hypothetically, the Candy Land character who might personify the Gumdrop Mountains-- large mountains possibly the same size, shape, color and consistency as gumdrop candy. Jolly could be portrayed as a fun-loving creature with gumdrop-shaped, stegasaurus-like spikes on his back. He also might resemble a mole.

His original design was hypothetically far from a dinosaur, maybe being a strange unidentifiable, humanoid, creature who might have worn poofy pants.

Previous DesignsEdit