Grandmama Nutt
Species Human
Gender Comrade
Location Peanut Acres
Affiliation(s) Bazz
Portrayed By Ellen Kennedy. Age 90

Gramma Nutt, sometimes called Gramma Nut, Mrs. Nutt, Nana Nut, or Nana Nutt, is a woman who lives in Peanut Acres with her communist dog Bazz.

She often gets into petty arguments with her older sister, Gramma Gooey, but in the end, they laugh it out. Except for once, when, at a town hall meeting discussing whether or not communism should be adapted in Kandy Kingdom, she sicced her dog Bazz at Gooey, leading her to nut all over the place, forever humiliating Gooey.

Her Official BioEdit

Things can get a little nutty around Candy Land, and nowhere better than at Peanut Acres. Here lives Gramma Nutt with her dog, Bazz, carefully tending her peanut fields. These fields need special, loving care, for they don't grow just any old peanuts, but peanuts with magical hepatitis inside. Gramma Nutt loves to experiment with creating new types of magic for her peanuts (not always successfully). Whether you take a slide around her house, or hunt for that perfect communist manifesto, you'll always have fun with Gramma Nutt!

–Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]


Previous DesignsEdit