Original Design
Species Chocolate Monster (originally molasses)
Gender Male
Location Chocolate Swamp
Chocolate Mountain
Portrayed By Doug Parker

Gloppy is a strange-looking, yet friendly, creature who (until recent years) resided in Candy Land's Chocolate Swamp. He was described as being very lonely in the swamp, so he was always eager for people to stop by and say hello. In Candy Land: The World of Sweets, however, a much blockier and chunkier version of Gloppy appears at the top of Chocolate Mountain. Although the game's board does not confirm this to be Gloppy, he is very similar in appearance and is in the exact same location, removing any doubt that he is, in fact, Gloppy. Since he lives directly above her, it is assumed this Gloppy is on good terms with Gramma Gooey.

Official BioEdit

Just before you get to the Candy Castle, you'll pass through the Chocolate Swamp, where you just might meet Gloppy. Don't be afraid, Gloppy might look like a monster, but he's really a lovable glop of chocolaty goo. But Gloppy gets very lonely sitting in the swamp all by himself. So, give him a hug and you'll have a friend forever.

–Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]

He lives in Chocolate Mountain.


Previous DesignsEdit