Since it's debut in 1949, Candy Land has always been a monarchy, with King Kandy, Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly being royalty since the very beginning. This status quo has been challenged many times, however, with many citizens of Candy Land bringing up changes through town hall meetings. During these meetings, statements were taken from individuals suggesting modifications.

Dictatorship Democracy Communist Regime Monarchy
Suggestor: Jolly Mr. Mint Gramma Nutt Duke of Swirl
Reason: "The world is fuckin ready for me to take control, but it must be done. See how I dress myself? Isn't that an indicator of my talent? I am a GOD among rats. The scum of the Land, the CANDY LAND walk about this earth, and I intend to cull those who oppose me!" "Well, uh, the people of Candy Land are able to represent themselves. I trust us to make our own decisions about how this wonderful place should be run." "Y'all are aware that people here still starve? People still havin' no treatment for their Hepatitis B? If we split all of our dollars, all of us will be able to afford all the blessen's of this sweet, sweet land." "Get out of my way, dude, you're in my light. (to Mr. Mint), Oh, and screw democracy."
Possible Leader: "Are you questioning how well I would rule? Who else would be the head honcho? I would be THE greatest leader Candy Land has ever had. Anyone who opposes will be sent to a con-... I mean... taken into consideration." "In a democratic society, the people choose their own leader. It's not up to me. Doing research on candidates is an easy way to make sure that the candidates are doing what they should, and..."(Cut off by Duke of Swirl) "I think I would be the best fittin' person for the role of the job, since I can manage money, and judge for myself how much benefits each man or woman should get based on character. This means not being a cold heart'd BITCH, Gooey." No response.
Date(s) of Query: September 12, 1950,

March 31, 1961

July 24, 1966

January 3,1972,

April 21, 1978,

November 8, 1979,

December 15, 1983,

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