Gloppy new
Chocolate Mountain
of Candyland is the home of Gloppy after his move from Molasses/Chocolate Swamp .


Gloppy -- the strange-looking, yet overly friendly, creature who resides in Chocolate Mountain's Raw Chocolate Pools. Many a passersby would describe Gloppy as being very friendly but very lonely in his gloopy home. So, this gentle creature is eager for travelers and visitors to stop by and say "hello".

Gramma Gooey : the elder sister of Gramma Nutt, Gooey is a long time resident of Chocolate Mountain, the highest point in all Candyland. When travellers reach its top peak, Gramma Gooey will reward them with a plate full of goodies to take along to the enchanted Candy Castle; she spends her day collecting chocolate chunks for her cocoa treats, and sometimes spends time talking to Gloppy.