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Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure (2005) HD57:48

Candy Land The Great Lollipop Adventure (2005) HD


Candy Land is a children's board game about children exploring a world made out of candy and other sweets that originally came out in 1949.

In the 1980s-1990s, characters living in this sweet world were added, and the game was accompanied by a story.

In the story, the evil Lord Licorice has hidden King Kandy's castle, apparently in an attempt to usurp the throne. All of the characters in Candy Land are hoping for a group of human children who wandered into Candy Land to find the castle and do what they can to help .

This wiki provides information about the game, characters, books and animated features, and anything else related to Candy Land. Whether you're here to learn more about the game, rant about how much you prefer certain versions of characters, or just here to relive your childhood, feel free to enjoy the wiki.

in the beging all was plumpy and then on the 7th day much candy

manny canday

☀Lyssa was utterly speechless as she saw the green monster known simply as Plumpy pick up the plum she knew as her friend Betty, and walk away with it into the forest, fully intent on devouring the plum-girl.  Just that morning she and her roommates had been getting ready to move out of their house when Allen found an old version of the Candy Land board game up in some closet.  When the last piece was set on the board, they all disappeared with a flash, awakening in a strange land where seemingly everything had some element of confection.  
Though the group had been initially transfixed by the sweet landscape, their trip soon took a terrifying turn.  First they were confronted by a menacing band of gingerbread men.  Then they came face to face with the reality that they were merely pawns in the children's game Candy Land.  The group was seemingly trapped on a road comprised of connected colorful tiles, like a rainbow snaking off into the distance.  High above in the sky, a card would appear displaying one of their faces, and a color.  Then, like zombies, whoever was identified on the card would march forward until they reached the next tile of that color.  

The game started off well enough -- they thought they had narrowly avoided Plumpy, the huge green monster obsessed with eating the plums that grew in his forest.  But just when they thought they were safe, Betty's face appeared on a card next to Plumpy's image, and Betty was thrown backwards into Plumpy's grove.  

"What happened??!!"  Darren had already moved to a tile out of sight of the plum grove.  "I heard the monster leave.  Where's Betty?"

"Betty!! She....!  But..."   Lyssa sniffled, tears streaming down her face.  

"She turned into a PLUM!" Terri shreiked.   "And then... .he TOOK her!"  Terri was beside herself.

Allison just looked on in shock as the realization hit her... their friend was gone.

Before the feeling could sink in, the familiar glowing eyes appeared in the brush.  

"I warned you that this was not the innocent game you're use to playing," the nasty gingerbread man said as he climbed out of the bushes and approached Darren.  

"How do we get our friend back!?" Allen demanded.  If he was not bound to his tile, he would have been in the gingerbread man's face.  

"Get her back?" The gingerbread man snickered to himself.  "Her game is over.  You would do well not to dwell on what you cannot change."

"But she played by the rules!"  Maria implored the little man.  "You said we would be fine if we played by the rules."

"I never said anything of the sort, impudent human girl.  The rules of the game are everything.  In case you haven't noticed, you're trapped on your tile until your card is drawn."

"Don't be so cruel!" Lyssa begged.  "She's our friend!  And now...she's... she's..."

"And now she's a snack, most likely.  I told you, be on your guard.  This place is full of peril.  Try to survive, but in the end..."

A card appeared in the sky.

"The game will be played."

And as the gingerbread man returned to the forest, Gina saw that her card had been drawn and she was heading for a blue tile in the distance.
. . . 

The day wore on, and the roommates (minus Betty), trudged along. 

"We've been at this for like, hours!" Maria complained.  "How are we supposed to get home?"

"I'm hungry!!!" Wined Terri.  

"How can you worry about yourself at a time like this?" Allison called as she marched by, on her way to a yellow tile.  "We just lost Betty!  We've known her since freshman year! And all you can think about is getting home??"

"Us marching along here isn't going to bring her back, Ally," Allen remarked somberly.  "The fact is, we need a plan."

"Plan? What plan?"  Lyssa had been in hysterics nearly all day.  "You heard what that creepy little thing said.  We're doomed!"  She sobbed into her vest.  

"Hey, guys... try some of this grass... it isn't half bad... it's like... candy!" Terri chompped on some of the orange grass that had been growing near her tile.  Allen, curious (and also quite hungry), picked a peppermint leaf that grew from a low-hanging branch.

"She's right guys! This is awesome!"

"I can't believe you'd  think of food! Now!  Betty IS food!"  Allison was irate.

Even Lyssa had started to snack on a handfull of "dirt" she had picked up off the ground.  "*sniffle*sniffle* yum..."

And as the roommates continued walking at the direction of the mysterious tiles, a pair of red eyes glistened in the brush as they saw each one of them them succumb to hunger and start munching on their surroundings.

. . . 

As the group marched slowly along the path, the landscape around them started to change.  The leafy green trees of the plum forest gradually gave way to a spectacular candy-landscape. Great lakes began to appear on the horizon, each a different bright, beautiful color.  Each lake was smooth and glistened in the sun, like a sheet of colored glass. 

Between the lakes, the trees gave way to enormous lollipops of varying sizes and types.  Old fashioned brightly-colored pinwheel pops sat on long sticks in bunches, forming little groves of candy.  (Each was delicious, as the roommates found out when they began to pluck and eat the smaller ones).

Elsewhere, the roommates saw the round, fudge-candy filled lollies they knew from their youth.  Still more they recognized as the gum-filled variety, and there were even some plain old flat round ones that they knew from childhood trips to the doctor's office.  

And the candies were BIG.  The biggest of the round variety rose to nearly fifty feet off the ground.  The candy portion was over twenty feet in diameter!  Clumped around these enormously large sweets were (slightly) smaller lollipops of the same type.  

All in all, the landscape was almost enough to make the group forget their troubles momentarialy, as they got lost in its sweet splendor.

And still, they moved forward, each step driven by the mysterious tiles and the cards that appeared in the sky.  

The roommates were still taking in all that the landscape had to offer when they heard a voice from behind (and above) them.

"Like! OMG! What are you guys doing here?!"

The chirpy voice was so bubbly and abrupt that the roommates all jumped.  

"What the hell?" Darren exclaimed. 

He looked up and saw that the voice was coming from a figure who had appeared on top of one of the medium-sized lollipops.  It was a girl! She looked to be in her early 20's, and despite a rather... odd appearance, she was gorgeous.

"Hey! They, like, call me Lolly!  And I'm the princess around here.  Don't any of you forget it!" She said with a wink.

The roommates had all landed on tiles relatively close to one another, and all got a good look when Princess Lolly jumped down from her lollipop pedestal.  She wore a bright yellow dress dotted with colorful lollipops around the hem.  Her hair was bright purple, cut short, but thick with curls.  

"I LOVE her shoes!" Gina exclaimed.  Lolly was wearing purple platform heels with little lollipops decorating the toes.

"And her hair!  Who's your stylist out here??" Lyssa just had to know.

"It's like, all natural," Lolly giggled.

But Allison was transfixed by Lolly's crown.  It was a brilliant gold, and shimmered in contrast with her deep purple hair.  Adorning the crown were a dozen jeweled lollipops that sparkled in the endless mid-day sun.  

"Your crown..." Allison stammered. 

"Uh, yeah?? Of course you like my crown" Lolly said sarcastically.  "I'm the princess!"

"Where did you get it?  And where did you get those clothes??"  Allison was starting to act like an unpopular teenager finally getting the chance to hang out with the homecoming queen.

"Oh, here we go..." Allen scoffed.  He had always known Allison to be somewhat jealous when it came to fashion.  

"Yeah, looks like Ali's got princess envy," Maria chuckled.  

"Shut up guys!!!"  Allison was unamused.

Lolly came to her defense (in a manner of speaking): "P'sh-yeah, guys! Like, leave her alone!  She obviously has great taste in outfits.  And who can blame her for liking mine?? Her top is SO 2008! And don't even get me started on those jeans, kiddo."

"Hey, I just got these jeans!" Allison was near tears at the slight.

"Well, I hope you, like, kept the receipt from Sears or whatever!" Lolly said with a laugh.  

"Hey! Not cool!" Teri would have rushed to her friend's aid if she had been able to get off her tile.  In fact, the roommates were starting to notice that none of them had seen a card in the sky since the mysterious "Princess" had arrived.  

"Re-lax!  Gosh, can't a girl have a little fun!  Besides, I'm, like, totally a benign princess."

"Yeah, right... like everyone else around here..." Daren was incredulous.  

"What. Ever.  So you're  Alison, right? Well, Alison, I think it's time for a MAKEOVER!"  Lolly shouted with glee as confetti and streamers erupted from her golden crown.  

"Really?  Really really???"   Allison was delighted with the idea.  And with the matter settled, Lolly reached out her hand, and guided the eager co-ed right off the path and into a grove of lollipops.  

"Uh... Ali... this might not be such a good idea..."  Gina tried to urge caution.

"Yeah, girl.  You saw what happened the last time one of us left the path."  Teri echoed Gina's concern.

"Guys!  Can't you see I'm trying to make a friend here! I MUST have a dress like that!  And maybe she can help us get out of here!"

"Ugh.  Suit yourself.  But I wouldn't trust any of the 'residents' of this... whatever this place is."  Allen was resigned to watch the spectacle, knowing that nothing good would come of it.

"Lets like, start with your shoes.  Ugs are out, and turquoise is in!" And with a wave of a lollipop wand, Allison's boots were replaced with peppermint swirl high heels.  

"I love them!"

Then Lolly turned to her outfit.  

"So. Gross."  Another wave of the wand and the jeans and top were gone, and Allison was wearing a neon green dress, sparkling with sequined lollipops and puffed out like a tutu.   

"Yes!!!!  EEeeee!  Guys, look at me!!!"

"Wow, it's not a bad look," Lyssa had to admit to herself.

"And that hair?  Gentlemen prefer blondes, but princes prefer purple!"  And Allison felt her long blond hair grow thick and short, winding into tight curls to match the princess's.  

"Still needs something..."  The princess surveyed Allison, waived her wand again, and a pair of peppermint swirl gloves (that matched her shoes, of course) appeared on her hands.  

"What do you think, babe??"  And with one more flick of her wand, a full-length mirror, edged in sparkling candies, appeared seemingly out of thin air.  Allison began doing pirouettes and turns in the mirror, earning howls of approval from her roommates.  

"It's just missing one little touch..." Allison though to herself.  And as Princess Lolly took a deep bow to the group, Allison reached out, and, her vanity getting the best of her, grabbed the Princess's crown of lollipops from atop her head and placed it on her own.

"Hey, W.T.F!  I told you, *I'm* the princess."  Lolly was clearly not amused by Allison's antics. 

"I'm just trying it on!"  Allison thought the crown looked just fabulous on her own head.  

"Well, like, not good things happen around here when someone other than the princess wears the crown!"  Lolly warned.

But Allison was clearly lost in her own reflection, spinning and posing for herself in the mirror.

"Maybe you should listen to her!" Teri shouted, but Allison was oblivious.

"Darren, what's going to happen to her??"  Maria was starting to become concerned.  

"I still don't know, babe... but I hope we don't have another Betty on our hands..."

No sooner did Darren speak the words than Allison's midsection started to get just a little bit puffy under her dress.  

"Hey, is she..." Lyssa trailed off.

Allison's slight puff grew more pronounced.  The dress, which clung to Allison's body down to below her waist (when it poofed out), was not forgiving.

"Careful sweetums!  They only make that dress in one size, and, like, you're not it!!!"  Lolly laughed loudly, poking Allison in her newly-soft belly.

Allison, however, seemed not to notice. She was still transfixed by her reflection, pouting, smiling, and giggling to herself in the mirror. 

Meanwhile, the puff, which had started in her belly, had worked its way around her torso towards her back, giving her a set of lovely love handles.

"Allison! Take off the crown! You're swelling up!!!"  Darren implored the poor girl, but Allison was clearly beyond it.  She was obsessed with her reflection, which, interestingly enough, still showed the svelte girl Allison was a moment before. 

In fact, Allison either didn't know or didn't care when her breasts and bottom began to bloat along with her belly.  Although the transformation was slow, it was still noticeable.   She should have reacted.  

"Here we go again..."  Allen muttered to himself.  

"There's only ONE Princess Lolly!" Lolly shouted to the group.  "And it's NOT her!"

Allison's once-dainty midsection was beginning to grow round.  Though it didn't appear that she was growing fat... just... round.  The roommates were in sad awe of her expansion.

Allison's tummy was starting to resemble a beach ball bulging from beneath the turquoise dress. And as her boobs blew up, the flesh on her sides began to creep over the top of the dress, making her look like an overstuffed sausage trying to burst from its casing. And still, the dress didn't tear.

"What kind of fabric is that," Teri asked, numb to her friend's predicament.

"Um, like, the magic kind. DUH!"  Lolly grinned.

The thickness began to slowly overtake Allison's bottom, as her butt cheeks slowly started to push her dress upwards and outwards.  After a moment, though, the swelling became more uniform, as butt cheeks pushed together and upwards, forming one deep slope with her rounding back and hips.  

"What's happening to her??" Gina cried out to the Princess.

"Like, isn't it obvious.  Heavy is, like, the head that wears the crown. Duh."  Lolly had a nice chuckle at her own joke.  Nobody else laughed.  

"You guys have NO sense of humor!  If you really must know, I'm pretty sure she's getting some sort of filling, I guess.  Probably chocolate flavored candy?Or maybe some kind of fruit flavoring.  I don't know, I'm not a candy maker."

"Candy maker??  How can you be so cruel? She's not candy, she's my sorority sister!"  Lyssa would have slapped the spoiled princess if she could have left her tile.  

"Call her what you want, but that bitch took MY crown.  And soon, she'll be a permanent fixture around here..."  Lolly flashed an evil grin.

"Permanent fixture??  What do you mean??  How can you be so heartless?"  Teri implored.

"Heartless? Hardly!  She's having the time of her life over there! How could I deny her that?"

And even as Alison began to look full term with triplets, she still smiled and giggled to herself as she admired her reflection in the mirror.  Occasionally she tried to pirouette, only to find her weight made the graceful maneuver impossible.   She still seemed not to notice, though, as she mindlessly laughed and danced in place. 

"Allison!! Can you hear me??" Darren cried out.  "Take off the crown!"

But it was no use.  Allison was trapped in her own world, a victim of the crown's seductive magic.  

All the while, Allison continued to grow out.  Her legs began to grow thick and round; her thighs slowly forming a slight shelf at her knees.  Her feet appeared swollen as they puffed out from her peppermint shoes.  

"Guys! Do SOMETHING!"  Terri shouted to her friends.

"I don't think there's anything we can do," Allen said sadly as he stood at the edge of his tile.

And Allison continued to grow bigger.  Her torso swelled, pushing her shoulders up and her breasts out.  Just a shelf was starting to form between her breasts and her ballooning stomach, her boobs began to slowly sink into her growing form. 

The swelling had also caught up with Allison's hips, which flared out (along with her dress), giving her the physique of a dodge-ball from the top of her chest to the middle of her thighs.  

"So, like... what do you think?  Is it time for me to take my crown back??"  Lolly flashed an evil grin to the gawking roommates.

"Yes! Take it off! Bring her back to normal!"  Maria begged the cruel princess.

"Normal? LOL! She's not going to, like, look like a person again, silly.  But, you know, as far as the landscape around here goes, I guess she'll be normal!"  

With a wink and a giggle, Lolly walked over to the stupid preening girl and removed the candy crown, placing it on her own head.  

And with that, Allison woke up, just in time to feel her enormous body rounding out past her shoulders and pressing against her chin.  
'Whaaaa....?? What's going on?  Was I dreaming?"  She said groggily.  

Allison's eyes shifted from her friends' worried gazes to the mirror in front of her.  It now showed her true form, much to her horror.

"AHHHHEEEEEE!  What's happened to me!?? I'm HUGE!"

Allison tried to shuffle away from the mirror to hide the truth from her view, but it was no use.  Her round torso had swelled downwards, absorbing her thighs and forcing her legs apart.  She could only shuffle about in an almost comical fashion.She wanted to put her face in her hands, but found that her arms (which had begun to shrink) were incapable of bending backwards as a result of her round shoulders.  Not that it would be a consolation, but her arms were also far too short to reach all the way back to Allison's face.  

"Like, isn't it obvious? You took the crown, and it didn't like you.  It's MY crown, and now you're paying the price."

"The price?? What's the price? I'm so sorry Princess... I won't do it again!"

"Oh, sweetums.  You won't be doing much of anything again.  And it's a little late to apologize. Like, I took you from fashion zero to fashion hero! And this is how you repay me? Totally not cool."

Sugary tears began to fall from Allison's eyes. She prodded her own sides and felt that she was filling with something thick and gooey. She tried to poke and prod further, but her elbow was "eaten" by her round body, forcing her forearm to point outwards.  It shot up as though it was spring loaded, forcing Allison to whimper in surprise.  

Allison by this point was nearly 5 feet wide at her middle, and was starting to assume an ovoid shape as she rounded out from below her chin to her wrists to her ankles.  The dress, which had admirably clung on tight to her bloated form, was starting to give way.

"Aww... it looks like someone is off her diet!"  Lolly was enjoying the show way too much.  

The roommates, meanwhile, were far too stunned to do much of anything.  They were fixated on Allison's swelling form, some of them mindlessly munching away at their edible surroundings, as if in a trance themselves.  

"Please, Princess...!" Allison emplored, as she watched her swelling bloating body blow out until her sides touched the bottom of her peppermint gloves.   "I can only move my hands and my feet!  Change me back!"  Allison wanted to move, to get around, just to prove to herself that she still could, but was terrified of losing her footing and rolling onto what used to be her backside (and was now simply her roundside).  

"Well, like... you make a good point."  Lolly surveyed the mammoth ball-like girl she had created.  The dress was, by now, beginning to burst at the seams. It clung to Allison like a second skin.  Lolly scratched her head, as though wondering what to do.

"I think I know just how to fix that problem," she said.

"You do!"  Allison was buoyed with the news.

"Oh, thank God!"  Terri cheered.  "Hell yeah! Finally, a break!" Darren pumped his fist to the sky.

"Yeah!"  Lolly paused.  "I'll just take back those gloves and shoes!"

"Huh....  But how will that solve my..."

But before she could finish, Lolly snapped her fingers.  The peppermint gloves and shoes appeared on the ground at her feet, and Allison's hands and feet were gone!  Replaced by smooth round pale flesh.

Allison screamed!  All she could feel of her body was roundness and pressure from her round body pushing upwards towards her head.  She knew her neck was long gone, and now she had no hands to reach out, and no feet to shuffle.  Just totally smooth flesh.  The feeling was nothing short of terrifying.  

When her feet disappeared she dropped a few inches to the ground, and began to roll backwards.  


"Oh, no!  Allie! Your limbs...!"  Maria was hit hard by the realization that Allison probably wouldn't be walking down the path with them any longer.  

Allison, meanwhile, had rolled completely over, and her massive form was squishing her face against the candy grass.  At least it was tasty....

"Like, you're totally upside down, sweets!" The Princess laughed sadistically. "You'll totally have plenty of time to, like, be face down later," she said with a wink.

And with a waive of her wand, Lolly brought Allison upright, her face and head starting to swell, then sink into her big round form.  With another waive of her wand, Allison's purple hair began to fuse together, forming one shiny mass.

"It looks like... candy..." Allen muttered to himself.  "Candy on her head."

The candied hair began to spread out slightly and pull Allison's head backwards until her face was flush against her gigantic round form.  Allison was in a panic.  Her eyes darted back and forth looking for help.  There was none to be found.  

"Just a few more details!  Then your makeover will, like, be complete, doll!"  The wicked princess seemed to take pleasure in watching Allison try to squirm.

"What details? Haven't you done enough to me??? I'm a big round ball of sugar!" The candy Allison cried out.  Lolly didn't answer, but simply waived her wand again.

Directly over Allison's head appeared a long round stick.  It was smooth and cylindrical - over fifteen feet tall and easily four inches in diameter.  The six-foot wide candy girl began to shake and jiggle with fear as her dress finally gave way.  No one was surprised to see that she had lost all vestiges of humanity.  She was just a ball with a tinyface (now pointing straight upwards towards the stick) and candy purple hair.  Truly she was a sight to behold.

Allison began to fear the worst as the hovering stick positioned itself directly above her mouth.  She clenched her lips tight, pursing them as much as she could.

"Ah ah ah! Open up, bitch!"  Lolly waived her wand again, and Allison's mouth began to open involuntarily.  In fact, it was stretching even wider than Allison though it should be able to.  She screamed out as her mouth slowly stretched and pulled to form a perfectly round opening just about four inches across.  

"Your screaming is totally not cool! Shut up!"  Lolly pointed her wand directly at the ball's scared face, and the stick rocketed downward, making a moist squishing sound as it plunged into Allison's open mouth.  A stream of thick fudgy filling briefly shot out of Allison's nostrils as the stick displaced some of her candy insides.  

Allison tried agian to scream, but no sound emerged form her now-stuffed mouth.  The stick had planted itself about three feet down into Allison's bloated form.  She couldn't move her mouth, and in her mind, she kept seeing herself as a round lollipop -- a permanent part of Lolly's landscape.  She hoped against hope that this was somehow all a dream... but knew deep down that she was more candy than person...

"One more touch!"

The roommates were almost sick watching their friend get transformed, and appalled that there was still more to come.

"Hasn't she suffered enough? Can't you change her back??"  Gina implored the heartless princess.  

Lolly ignored her, focusing her attention on Allison.

"I know you looked good in that dress, but I think you'd be just FABULOUS in red!"

Allison was in too much shock to register the words.  She did notice, though, when her round form began to lift off the ground.  She was hovering! Moving.  She just couldn't tell where, with her eyes forced upwards and most of her vision obscured by the stick.

Lolly was using her wand to carry the poor candy girl away from the group.  But to where?

"Don't take her away! Make her a person again!" This time it was Maria doing the begging.

But again, Lolly seemed not to care.  She directed the huge ball of a girl over one of the nearby lakes... a red one. Then she began to lower the girl down towards the surface of the glassy liquid.

Allison didn't know where she was, but suddenly she felt the lower part of her orb-like body touch something warm and sticky... and sink.  She was being submerged in whatever it was beneath her.  Although she didn't know what she was sinking in to, she knew that it likely was not good for her.

The roommates watched, their mouths agape, as Allison was lowered into the red candy lake.  Allison felt the liquid creep up her sides as she sunk lower and lower.  She felt it get closer to her face, and she was powerless to even try to splash it away. Finally, as she cried out through the stick in her mouth, she felt (and saw) the red goo cover her face, leaving her vision with a rosey tint -- that would last forever.  

Lolly then (with her wand) lifted the girl out of the candy lake and let the excess candy drip off.  Allison felt herself floating again, but then felt something even more terrifying.  The liquid was... setting.  It was growing hard, and she knew that it was going to seal her up forever!  She tried again to cry out, but her mouth was already sealed up by the hardened candy shell.

Lolly then dunked the lollipop into the lake again, then again, and again.  Finally, after more than ten dunks, Allison was encased in a cherry-flavored red  hard candy shell nearly six inches thick. 

Lolly turned back to the group as the lollipop hovered back towards her and slowly rotated in the air until the stick pointed down and Allison's candied body was at the top.  

"She looks, like, delish!"  

Teri burst into tears as the lollipop planted itself in the ground with a thud in the midst of a grove of similar lollipops.  It sat there, intert, giving off no signs that what was once a girl lay beneath the thick candy coating.  

"She makes, like, a great addition to the landscape!  Anyway... you guys have an AWESOME time! Later!"

And with that, Lolly disappeared.

"Wait! Come back!" Darren cried to no one in particular. "Turn our friend back!"

But before he got any answer, Darren began to walk forward.  He looked up.  The cards had begun to appear in the sky again, and he was headed for a blue one.


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